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Lorin Rivers lrivers at
Tue Mar 27 13:31:15 PDT 2007

Is there a "What's new" document (short of reading all the tickets)?

On 3/25/07, Juan Manuel Palacios <jmpp at> wrote:
>         Evening everyone! Thanks to the kind help provided by Elias Pipping,
> our new project roadmap is up at:
>         For those of you who actively use it, the major changes you'll notice
> are that the "Available Ports" milestone has been deleted (tickets
> belonging to it reassigned according to the new guidelines referenced
> below) and four new ones have been added: "Port Bugs", "Port
> Enhancements", "Port Updates" and "Needs developer review". The
> guidelines to use them all will be shortly up at:
> [1]
>         Needless to say, these wont be Godly mandates, but I would still like
> to request that all those of you with Wiki edit privileges wishing to
> give your feedback & input on them run by me any edits you might want
> to make to that document (Elias and I just spent several hours cleaning
> up the old roadmap, so we can tell you that dealing with so many
> tickets gets a bit tiring a bit too quickly, and therefore we would
> like to avoid ambiguous instructions as much as possible!).
>         Regards to all and thanks again to Elias!
> -jmpp
> [1] Out of date with respect to the new layout as of this posting, g'me
> some time to work on the document and bring it up to speed, I'm beat
> right now! I am nevertheless still sending this message *now* (with an
> old document in place) because I fear some might get confused with the
> new and missing milestones and no information what-so-ever on the
> changes.
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