x-11 doesnt use ~/.profile env values:SOLVED

William Davis frstan at bellsouth.net
Thu Nov 1 13:01:38 PDT 2007

On Nov 1, 2007, at 3:23 PM, N_Ox wrote:

> Le 1 nov. 07 à 20:01, William Davis a écrit :
>> Terminal is using values in ~/.profile but after starting x-11 and  
>> going to a xterm window I see from env that /opt/local/bin & sbin  
>> are not in my PATH.
> xterm launched by Apple X11.app is not a login shell by the default.  
> So it won't read init file.
> Leopard upgrade may have overwritten your xinitrc file which you  
> should have modified to get a login shell behaviour:
> Change the "xterm" line in /private/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc by "xterm - 
> ls".
> You may also want to edit the Applications menu xterm entry.
> But I might be totally wrong there, I don't have Leopard yet.
> Regards,
> --
> Anthony Ramine, the "Ports tree cleaning Maestro".
> <nox at macports.org>

I did have xterm -ls in the X11 Applications menu but under Leopard it  
seems I have to login  .......duh.....  ;)
all ok then.
thanks for tip!
W. Davis

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