Smultron 3.2 portfile error

William Davis frstan at
Sun Nov 4 03:23:28 PST 2007

Smultron 3.2 refused to upgrade from 3.1.x with message about 3.2 only  
working on Leopard systems. Unfortunatly I have a Leopard system.

When I removed || (variant_isset darwin_8) from the if ...then test  
expression line then Smultron @3.2 installed with no problem.   
according to the -d output Smultron @3.2 furnishes darwin_8 and  

I have cc'd the maintainer on this, but I havnt made a ticket because  
I have no idea if this is the "proper" way to fix the problem.

To be clearer
--    if {[variant_isset darwin_6] || [variant_isset darwin_7] ||  
[variant_isset darwin_8]} {
++   if {[variant_isset darwin_6] || [variant_isset darwin_7] } {

--        if {$xcodeversion  == "2.1"} {
++       if {$xcodeversion == "3.0"} {

this does let Smultron 3.2 build and run under os 10.5
William Davis
Mac OS X.5.0 Darwin 9.0.0
Mac Mini Intel Duo @ 1.86 GHz

Mundus vult decepi, ego non

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