mutt 1.5.17 header caching problem

Sbranzo sbranzo at
Mon Nov 5 03:13:37 PST 2007

On 04/11/07 21:54, Erwan David wrote:
> > > I'm experiencing some issues with the latest release of mutt-devel and
> > > header caching. Basically, without changing the configuration from
> > > 1.5.16, header caching for my maildirs stopped working.
> > > That's the bug report I filed for on the mutt trac,
> > > , does it work for you?
> > 
> > here it seems to work, the first access to a maildir takes some time,
> > maybe the cache has been rebuilt, but following accesses even after a
> > new start of mutt seems to use the headercache.
> I had problems until I cleared the cache. Now it works.

Now I changed from the (default) db4 backend database support to gdbm
and all started working again.
I tried clearing the cache, before changing the backend, but nothing
BTW, qdbm support is broken on my system, qdbm doesn't compile:


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