Imagemagick uninstall problems

Luís Beça luis.beca at
Wed Nov 14 16:07:58 PST 2007


For quite a while I've been having problems upgrading and uninstalling  
imagemagick (I'm on Leopard but things on Tiger where the same). I  
just did

port uninstall imagemagick

and it no longer appears listed as installed. However, if I manually  
browse the bin/, lib/ etc. directories, the files are still there and  
usable. Indeed, if I now do

port install imagemagick

I get the message (after things are compiled and ready to install  
again) that animate, etc are still there. In the past, when upgrading  
imagemagick, the process always stopped at the installation phase  
because the issued uninstall didn't really uninstall the older files.  
I would then have to use -f option to force the install, which indeed  
worked  but would otherwise also leave the old files around (with an  
added  suffix .mp_somenumber). I would then have to manually erase  
them which is a tedious task.

I've been using macports for a long time but never experienced this  
behavior before with other ports. Could someone fix this, please?  
Thanks in advance,
--- Luis

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