Macports on Xserve OSX server

markd at markd at
Thu Nov 15 13:31:08 PST 2007

BB <2nfinite at> writes:
>> I didn't think X11 had to be installed to install the X11 SDK if you
>> select it explicitly.  If that is so, the new guide's install section
>> order is wrong.
>This (older) page indicates that X11 must be installed before the X11 SDK:
>I've always installed X11 before Xcode, and therefore can't verify if
>X11 must be installed before the SDK.

I wrote both of those.  On the one hand it seemed natural to install X11
first since X11SDK would be automatically installed by Xcode Tools if X11
was present, but on the other it seemed like the first install item should
be the most important one.  I decided on the latter for the guide because
I thought that forcing X11SDK (without X11) was possible.  I think I
tested it, but I'll recheck it when I get the chance.


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