Macports on Xserve OSX server

Edward Ned Harvey edward.harvey at
Thu Nov 15 14:56:00 PST 2007

Ok, here's what we found out -

X11 must be installed before the X11 SDK can be installed.  In fact, if X11
is installed, the X11 SDK is included by default during the Xcode Tools
installation.  (If there's a way to force the SDK installation without
installing X11, I don't know about it.)

Here are my notes on installing:
- Be sure X11User is installed from the OS installation CD.
- After X11User is installed, be sure Xcode Tools is installed from the OS
installation CD.  If XCode Tools was installed first, you will have to
re-run the XCode Tools installer, to include the X11 SDK.

And that took care of my problems.  Thank you all.

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