selfupdate failing under Leopard

markd at markd at
Fri Nov 16 11:59:30 PST 2007

>> On the other hand, if a user installs stuff in /usr/local/ after
>> installing MacPorts it wouldn't help unless selfupdate (and/or port)
>> also
>> checked those paths so maybe it isn't feasible.† The Cisco VPN
>> client uses
>> /usr/local, though it causes no problems.† Comments?
>So the 'problem' is only when the user installs some library in /usr/
>local that macports uses and either that install is broken somehow or
>the user removes it.
>It's good to make macports robust against mistakes, but at some point
>we probably have to realize that end-users are going to be able to
>configure their systems in ways that are broken, and we may or may not
>be able to do something about that specific broken-ness.

I agree.  Especially since the woes of manually installed OSS is one if
the problems MacPorts is trying to overcome.  :)

Is readline the main offender?  I want to document this problem and though
I think any non-MP software could potentially be a problem, I might
mention the worst offenders as examples.  What are others?


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