How to keep MacPorts as slim as possible?

Emmanuel Hainry milosh at
Tue Nov 20 07:18:29 PST 2007

Citando Thorsten Zörner :
> Dear list,
> how do I keep my MacPorts installation as slim as possible?
> I know of this:
> Trashing inactive ports/versions after an upgrade or any time by way of
> > sudo port -f uninstall inactive
> Now from Fink I know this
> > fink cleanup
> which is being described to "reclaim disk space used by temporary or 
> obsolete files".
> Is there something similar for MacPorts?

When some install don't complete, you can end up with files stuck in
/opt/local/var/macports/build. To suppress them, you can either rm -fr *
in this directory, either 'port clean --work all'. If your macports is
set to build and keep packages (archive mode), you may want to delete
them (they should be located in
/opt/local/var/macports/package/Your_system/Your_Arch/). Also you may
want to not keep distfiles which are the source fetched by macports to
build things -> port clean --dist installed.

Note that 'all' may not be the best keyword to use, but I don't know of
a better word for things that you tried to build but may not be

> Are there any other ways?
> I'd suggest to have some web site up to answer questions like this,
> preferably on .
> Or is it there and I simply missed it?

The infos that I give here can be inferred from


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