Can't install Gimp on 10.5.1

paul beard paulbeard at
Mon Nov 26 13:59:05 PST 2007

On 11/26/07, chagrins <chagrinson at> wrote:
> I've been able to install a few packages (unrar and a couple of
> others), but I can't get gimp to install. I have Xcode and X11
> installed.
> sudo port -v install gimp
> After entering that, I get asked for my password, which I enter. Then,
> I hear my computer working for a few seconds, but there's no feedback
> at all, ever (I've left it overnight a couple of times). tclsh
> processor usage is high the whole time. I stop it using Control-C.

try running it with -d or -v so you actually see what it's doing. gimp has a
lot of dependencies to install and it takes quite a while the first time.
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