vncserver with Aqua gui

Michael Thon mike012012 at
Wed Sep 5 11:12:38 PDT 2007

Thanks.  I just tried it and it works except that the users first  
have to log in at the console before they can log in remotely.  there  
seems to be not way to start the Aqua window server from the command  
line...that I know of...yet.


On Sep 5, 2007, at 7:32 PM, Lorenz Schori wrote:

> I use this one:
> On 05.09.2007, at 19:24, Michael Thon wrote:
>> Greetings - I am setting up a mac with multiple remote users.  The  
>> users would like to have access to the standard Mac OS desktop via  
>> vnc.  From what I have found so far on the internet, this might be  
>> possible as long as multiple user switching is enabled (which it  
>> is). I installed tightvnc and got vncserver running but is is  
>> showing me an X desktop instead.  does anyone know how to get the  
>> Aqua desktop displayed?
>> thanks
>> Mike
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