"port installed" fails

Eckhard Wiemann e_wiemann at gmx.de
Wed Sep 12 08:00:44 PDT 2007


in order to repair my port-system I removed completely the whole  
software-branch "/opt" and reinstalled MacPorts (1.52 on my Intel- 
MacBook with Mac OS X 10.4.10).

I installed the window-manager ratpoison as first port. "port  
installed" gave me the list with one element as expected.

Then I installed gcc43 ("sudo port install gcc43"). The build was  
successful (including the libs), but at the end I got:


--->  Building gcc43 with target bootstrap
--->  Staging gcc43 into destroot
--->  Installing gcc43 4.3-20070907_0+darwin_8
list must have an even number of elements
Error: Status 1 encountered during processing.


I cleaned gcc43 ("sudo port clean gcc43"). And then:


port installed
Error: port installed failed: list must have an even number of elements
No ports are installed.


What can it be?


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