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On 9/12/07, Bill Hernandez <ms at> wrote:
> Ryan,
> Do you know if there is a port for Bastille ?
> Bastille Linux is a Hardening and Reporting/Auditing Program which
> enhances the security of a
> Linux box, by configuring daemons, system settings and firewalling.
> It currently functions on
> most major Linux distributions as well as Mac OSX and HP-UX
Doesn't appear to be one.
[/mnt]# port list bast*
bastet                         @0.41           games/bastet

What does bastille do that OS X doesn't, out of the box? Does the OS X
firewall compare to what's available for Linux?

There are probably a lot more linux-savvy people on this list: I haven't
looked at it in years (The BSDs are where I look for UNIX-y goodness that I
can't get from OS X).

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