Postfix Port -- OpenSSL Issues

Jay Chandler lists at
Mon Sep 17 14:21:53 PDT 2007

So I've built Postfix on my MacBook Pro, and it starts correctly.

However, when I try to relay mail via 587 submission to my colocated 
server, I get:

warning: run-time library vs. compile-time header version mismatch: 
OpenSSL 0.9.8 may not be compatible with OpenSSL 0.9.7

Followed quickly by a network error from the server:
Sep 17 14:08:20 kwisatz postfix/smtpd[7902]: warning: 
network_biopair_interop: error reading 5 bytes from the network: 
Connection reset by peer
Sep 17 14:08:20 kwisatz postfix/smtpd[7902]: lost connection after EHLO 

I suspect the problem is that the port builds with one OpenSSL, but runs 
with another; the issue is I require TLS encryption for my 587 
submissions, so this is kind of a showstopper until I can get this 

And though it should go without saying, the colocated server is patched, 
current, and has no issues from other locations...

I'd be grateful for any assistance anyone can lend...

Jay Chandler / KB1JWQ
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