Postfix Port -- OpenSSL Issues

markd at markd at
Mon Sep 17 17:05:21 PDT 2007

Jay Chandler <lists at> writes:
>So I've built Postfix on my MacBook Pro, and it starts correctly.
>However, when I try to relay mail via 587 submission to my colocated 
>server, I get:
>warning: run-time library vs. compile-time header version mismatch: 
>OpenSSL 0.9.8 may not be compatible with OpenSSL 0.9.7
>Followed quickly by a network error from the server:
>Sep 17 14:08:20 kwisatz postfix/smtpd[7902]: warning: 
>network_biopair_interop: error reading 5 bytes from the network: 
>Connection reset by peer
>Sep 17 14:08:20 kwisatz postfix/smtpd[7902]: lost connection after EHLO 
>I suspect the problem is that the port builds with one OpenSSL, but runs 
>with another; the issue is I require TLS encryption for my 587 
>submissions, so this is kind of a showstopper until I can get this 
>And though it should go without saying, the colocated server is patched, 
>current, and has no issues from other locations...
>I'd be grateful for any assistance anyone can lend...

I see this has been reported before.

Perhaps the answer is here.  See the next 2-3 messages in the thread.

If someone can use this information to make a fix to the portfile we can
commit it.  The postfix port needs a maintainer; it is a little bit
out-of-date now that 2.4 is out.


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