Postfix Port -- OpenSSL Issues

Jay Chandler lists at
Tue Sep 18 11:05:40 PDT 2007

Daniel J. Luke wrote:
> On Sep 17, 2007, at 8:34 PM, Jay Chandler wrote:
>> If no one else wants it, I'll do it.  It's apparent to me that it's a 
>> genuine bug-- I found that reference during my preliminary Google, 
>> and it doesn't appear anyone did anything with it after that.
> I know that a past maintainer had a hard time figuring out why the bug 
> appeared (ie, he/she was unable to reproduce it).
> From a cursory look at the portfile, it doesn't look like it's doing 
> anything different than my non-macports postfix install (which 
> successfully builds/links against the macports openssl), so I'm not 
> sure what's wrong.
> Thanks for being willing to maintain the port and work to get this fixed!
No worries.

The bug only manifests itself when using TLS-- unfortunately, since I'm 
a paranoid type I require TLS on my private stuff, so getting it working 
is going to definitely be a challenge.  I'm afraid I'll have to 
deconstruct the port and go line by line through the source to figure 
out where it's making OpenSSL calls...

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