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Jay Chandler lists at
Tue Sep 18 14:03:40 PDT 2007

Daniel J. Luke wrote:
> On Sep 18, 2007, at 2:05 PM, Jay Chandler wrote:
>> The bug only manifests itself when using TLS-- unfortunately, since 
>> I'm a paranoid type I require TLS on my private stuff, so getting it 
>> working is going to definitely be a challenge.  I'm afraid I'll have 
>> to deconstruct the port and go line by line through the source to 
>> figure out where it's making OpenSSL calls...
> It's mostly likely a problem with how the build is set up (ie, postfix 
> is using the OpenSSL include files from one location and the libraries 
> from another). You can use otool -L to figure out which library it is 
> linking against (and correct it to the macports provied OpenSSL if 
> necessary), but it may be a little more difficult to determine which 
> incorrect headers it is using while building.
> Good luck!
> -- 
Interesting-- from the Postfix Makedef file:

# OpenSSL has no configuration query utility, but we don't try to
# guess. We assume includes in /usr/include/openssl and libraries in
# /usr/lib, or in their /usr/local equivalents. If the OpenSSL files
# are in a non-standard place, their locations need to be specified.
#case "$CCARGS" in
# *-DUSE_TLS*)  ;;
#  *-DNO_TLS*)  ;;
#           *)  CCARGS="$CCARGS -DUSE_TLS"
#               AUXLIBS="$AUXLIBS -lssl -lcrypto"
#               ;;

I'm not entirely sure how to add in the proper locations here-- I'm not 
much of a programmer yet...

Obviously the correct path to include is /opt/local/usr/lib and 
/opt/local/usr/include, but the trick becomes how to insert it.

If you'd prefer me to take this to the dev list, let me know.

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