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Jyrki Wahlstedt jwa at
Tue Sep 18 21:45:36 PDT 2007

On 19.9.2007, at 6.41, Malcolm Fitzgerald wrote:

> <>
> I've just downloaded DB Designer 4 as a PBI using PCBSD. I'd like  
> to run it on my Mac.
>  It's a graphical SQL database design tool.  The web site has  
> source code but it is for Delphi or Kylix. I don't have those tools.
Unless there are compilers or runtimes supporting those languages (or  
environments), you are out of luck, sorry. At the moment I am not  
aware of any. I would like to be wrong. Suggestions are welcome.

> The PC-BSD mob have obviously got it running on BSD. Does anyone  
> have the know-how to get it into MacPorts?
> malcolm

The workaround I used, actually, is to install wine and run  
DBDesigner with that. Works fine. Maybe we get a real port done later…

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