graphviz port missing some header files?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Thu Sep 20 17:20:56 PDT 2007

On Sep 19, 2007, at 18:33, Emil Lundberg wrote:

> I installed the Graphviz port a couple of days ago (2.14) , and it  
> installed fine. However, when I try to compile source depending  
> upon it (Rgraphviz module of Bioconductor), it complains about  
> missing header files/includes. I downloaded the official 2.14  
> distro of Graphviz and it does contain the missing files. However,  
> I much rather use the MacPorts version!
> This was on an Intel Xserve, using OS X 10.4.10 Server. The missing  
> files were (opt/local/include) graphviz/gvcint.h and graphviz/ 
> globals.h. The graphviz header files include before those two are  
> found, however, so there is nothing wrong with the include path.

I can confirm that Graphviz doesn't instal these headers in 2.14 but  
I do see them in 2.12. I don't think I'm doing anything unusual in  
the graphviz port to cause this, so perhaps something changed in  
Graphviz during that time. Perhaps the Rgraphviz developers will have  
to update their code. I've asked for assistance on the Graphviz  
Development mailing list: 

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