graphviz port missing some header files?

Emil Lundberg Emil.Lundberg at
Wed Sep 19 16:33:53 PDT 2007


I installed the Graphviz port a couple of days ago (2.14) , and it  
installed fine. However, when I try to compile source depending upon  
it (Rgraphviz module of Bioconductor), it complains about missing  
header files/includes. I downloaded the official 2.14 distro of  
Graphviz and it does contain the missing files. However, I much rather  
use the MacPorts version!

This was on an Intel Xserve, using OS X 10.4.10 Server. The missing  
files were (opt/local/include) graphviz/gvcint.h and graphviz/ 
globals.h. The graphviz header files include before those two are  
found, however, so there is nothing wrong with the include path.

Thanks for your great effort,


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