"Downgrading" a port - libtorrent

Marcus D'Camp carcus at carcus.net
Fri Sep 21 01:29:31 PDT 2007

Hello everyone, I'll start by stating I'm newish to this list having
subscribed briefly in the past.  I've recently ran into a problem that I
haven't been able to figure out and decided to come to the lists to
possibly solve my problem.  Here it goes...

I have scripts in place to update macports and report outdated ports,
and in doing so when libtorrent switched to 0.11.7_0 from 0.11.4_0, I
happily updated without thinking about rtorrent and in turn have noticed a slight change in
behavior in the rtorrent/libtorrent duo.  I was wondering if there was a way
to "downgrade" to the previous port?  I notice that I still have a large
bit of data from the previous port.  Forgive my novice question, I've
tried to figure it out on my own to no avail.  I guess a follow-up
question is will rtorrent soon be updated as well?  Since the two go
together and are to be run according to version.  I'm very aware the
maintainers donate their time, and could be busy, I'm thankful for
what they do, just thought I would ask if anyone her knew.  Thanks in
Marcus D'Camp

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