Sorry, this is a 'newbe' question.

Alexander Aakesson dev-null at
Fri Sep 21 06:14:37 PDT 2007

Hi,  my name is Alec Aakesson, and I just moved from linux/freebsd 
environment to a Mac environment.  I would like to download the darwin 
ports and install them on my Mac [OS X 10.4].  I would like to know if I 
have to pay to do that or buy any special software?  Is it available to 
any one?  I am not doing this for any organization, but for my own 
edification.  When I went to download the source for the ports I was 
asked to enter my 'work e-mail address.'  I am used to working with 
freebsd ports, but I am not quite sure how Mac does things.
Please let me know.



"Every day it rains, its Tuesday."

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