problem when installing macports

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Fri Sep 21 11:05:09 PDT 2007

On Sep 20, 2007, at 05:02, Anders F Björklund wrote:

> Thomas De Contes wrote:
>> on one, the login shell is tcsh (it works), and on the other, the  
>> login shell is bash (it doesn't work)
>> could it be the cause ??
> Probably not: bash is the supported shell, since it's now the  
> default...
>> on both, i have installed the last version of xcode (2.4.1), but  
>> only devtools software, gcc 3.3, and software dev kits
>> oh yes, i just remember, on the computer where it works, i have  
>> installed gcc 4.0 instead of gcc 3.3
>> so, is it required to have gcc 4.0 to compile macports ?? why ?
> You need the Universal system compiler (gcc-4.0) for Mac OS X  
> 10.4 / Xcode,
> not the gcc-3.3 cross-compiler - that's only for building for Mac  
> OS X 10.3
> Trying to reproduce the issue with CC="gcc-3.3 -arch ppc" LDFLAGS="- 
> arch ppc",
> but that seemed to have work... (i.e. it didn't give any snprintf  
> errors)

Anders, he didn't say what OS version he was using. Also, he's on G4,  
so gcc 3.3 is a native compiler, not a cross-compiler.

But, Thomas, if you're running Mac OS X 10.3.9, then you need Xcode  
1.5, which installs gcc 3.3 and that's supposed to be fine for  
MacPorts. If you're on Mac OS X 10.4.10, then you need Xcode 2.4.1  
which installs gcc 4.0, and your gcc_select should be set to use gcc  
4.0, which is the default. Using gcc 3.3 as your system compiler on  
Mac OS X 10.4 is not supported by MacPorts, and I don't recommend it  
for any reason.

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