Rainer Müller raimue at macports.org
Tue Sep 25 13:38:57 PDT 2007

Daniel J. Luke wrote:
> On Sep 25, 2007, at 3:28 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> On Sep 14, 2007, at 05:32, Michael Thon wrote:
>>> Is there any to perform distributed compiling with macports?
>> I think the answer is "no" though I didn't quite understand the question.
> You're welcome to try, though (and if you find problems and think of a
> fix, I'm sure we'd be interested in incorporating it into macports).

There is already a filter option for ccache and distcc in trunk to
prepend this in front of the choosen compiler.

See http://trac.macports.org/projects/macports/changeset/29438


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