Problem with MacPorts on OS X Leopard

Bryan Blackburn 0x62_0x6c_0x62 at
Sun Aug 3 15:48:07 PDT 2008

On Aug 3, 2008, at 4:31 PM, Unnsse Khan wrote:

> Hi Bryan,
> Thanks for the response!
> Question(s):
> (1) How do I move the /opt/local aside (do you mean move into a
> separate tmp dir)?

What I did was simply moved /opt/local to /opt/local.10.4 (/tmp is  
cleaned on reboot, hence not safe) so it is still there and obvious  
what's going on.

> (2) In addition, how would you suggest I install the new version of
> MacPorts (from source or dmg)?

Depends on your needs and whatnot, most still install from the DMG but  
many things have been fixed since the last release, if you're talking  
about running from trunk instead of 1.6.0.  If you just mean building  
1.6.0 vs. 1.6.0 DMG, shouldn't be any difference.

> (3) How do I move / merge the config stuff back (from tmp, if my
> assumption for line item # 1 is correct)?

Most config stuff should be in /opt/local/etc (or /opt/local.10.4  
after move) so you'll want to review what's there for items needed for  
the new install.  You can also look in /opt/local/var/macports/ 
receipts to see what ports you have installed for reference when doing  
the new install.  Or, before moving things aside, use 'port installed'  
and keep the output someplace.

If you have a database (mysql*, postgresql*, etc) you may have to  
export from it prior to the upgrade, especially if you will be  
installing a newer version of the DB when doing the MacPorts reinstall.


> Happy programming,
> Unnsse
> On Aug 3, 2008, at 3:22 PM, Bryan Blackburn wrote:
>> On Aug 3, 2008, at 3:36 PM, Unnsse Khan wrote:
>>> Hello there,
>>> I am having problems installing ruby and readline using MacPorts
>>> 1.600
>>> on OS X Leopard (10.5.4).
>>> When I run the following from the command line, this is the error I
>>> receive:
>>> sudo port install readline
>>> Password:
>>> ---> Activating readline 5.2.012_1
>>> Error: Target org.macports.activate returned: Image error: Another
>>> version of this port (readline @5.0.005_0+darwin_8) is already
>>> active.
>>> Error: Status 1 encountered during processing.
>> You have a MacPorts installation that was made during 10.4 then you
>> upgraded your system to 10.5, and this configuration is not
>> supported.  Safest is just to move /opt/local aside (so you can keep
>> config stuff around) then do a new install of MacPorts.  Also, make
>> sure your Xcode install is updated for 10.5.
>> Bryan
>> ...
>>> Does anyone know what is possibly wrong with MacPorts?
>>> Happy programming,
>>> Unnsse

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