Problem with MacPorts on OS X Leopard

Mark Hattam mark at
Sun Aug 3 16:35:56 PDT 2008

At 16:48 -0600 3/8/08, Bryan Blackburn wrote:
>On Aug 3, 2008, at 4:31 PM, Unnsse Khan wrote:
>  > (2) In addition, how would you suggest I install the new version of
>>  MacPorts (from source or dmg)?
>Depends on your needs and whatnot, most still install from the DMG but 
>many things have been fixed since the last release, if you're talking 
>about running from trunk instead of 1.6.0.  If you just mean building
>1.6.0 vs. 1.6.0 DMG, shouldn't be any difference.

So why doesn't MacPorts self-update itself with these "many" bug 
fixes when you do

sudo port -v selfupdate

or are these bug fixes not proven?


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