Having a pretty rough time getting php5 installed

Chris Janton face at CentosPrime.COM
Mon Aug 11 07:20:24 PDT 2008

On 2008-08-10 , at 17:50 , Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> The preferred location for my.cnf for MacPorts mysql5 is /opt/local/
> etc/mysql5/my.cnf. Or it will read /etc/my.cnf if present.
> Sample configuration files are provided in /opt/local/share/mysql5/
> mysql which you can copy to create your own config.

How is it "preferred" over any other location?

By convention all MacPorts is in /opt/local.
The MacPorts version of MySQL will look in /opt/local/etc for my.cnf

By observation all versions of MySQL (Apple, MySQL, MacPorts, Fink,  
etc.) will also look in /etc/ for my.cnf.

If you want to keep your my.cnf in a place that all versions will  
find, MacPorts installed or not, it is far
easier to keep the configuration in /etc - you get "bit" a lot less  
that way ;-)

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