Having a pretty rough time getting php5 installed

Chris Janton face at CentosPrime.COM
Mon Aug 11 07:56:30 PDT 2008

On 2008-08-11 , at 07:25 , Ben Greenfield wrote:

> It's a question of style. If only Apple stores things in /etc/ then
> Apple can't stomp on your install. If everything MacPorts related is
> installed under /opt/, /opt/ can be blown-away without effecting other
> non MacPorts install.
> The idea is crisp clear lines of delineation to help one manage their
> computer.

I understand the style, and why it needs to be done that way.
In this case none of the "providers" creates /etc/my.cnf, but they all  
will refer to it.
It's a case where being able to manage a system and use it effectively  
trumps the ability to manage a software installation and update tool.

I'm not saying that MacPorts should do things any differently.

I'm sharing a technique that will make life easier for someone using a  
tool and possibly switching "vendors". With all of the MAMP, LAMP,  
etc. possibilities sanity may prevail if *you* decide where the  
configuration file will be. ;-)

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