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Kevin Walzer kw at
Thu Aug 14 13:49:47 PDT 2008

Joseph W. Losco wrote:
> Hello all,
> My first post to the list, after reading for quite some time.
> I have been learning Python for a while now and was wondering if there  
> is any reason to not use the Macports build of python instead of  
> something like MacPython now that it can be installed as a Framework?   
> Since there are pretty much most of the well known python packages  
> available with the easy port install commands.  I've looked online for  
> a while now and can't seem to find any good recent information.  Most  
> is too old, and not really since it's been able to be a framework.

Use MacPorts Python if you want your Python apps to run in the MacPorts 
sandbox. Use the standard binary installer from if you 
want Python and Python packages to be independent of the MacPorts universe.

> I've been using MacPython for a while now, and have no issues other  
> than just getting a different system up online quickly with the same  
> builds of addons.  Its a lot quicker to do the port install and then  
> all of the packages later.  Since its a framework, wxPython should  
> look native on OSX?

wxPython does look native on OS X. The binary installers from are designed to work with the build of 
Python--it won't work with MacPorts Python.

If all you want is Python, it's easier to use the binary installers 
reference above. If you are using Python to hook into other MacPorts 
packages, use MacPorts Python.
Kevin Walzer
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