Fetch failing for ntfs-3g port

William Damon william.damon at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 22:48:50 PDT 2008


First, nice job with macports - very cool idea and it appears that
there's lots of tremendous work done behind it so far.

I'm trying to install the ntfs-3g port, but it's been a bit tricky.
First, I ran into the Ruby (1.8) issue in Leopard (10.5.4) while
attempting to install the macfuse dependency. A quick google search
popped up the solution here:


After hacking my Ruby framework with that patch, I was able to get
macfuse installed cleanly. I thought I was in the clear until I hit

wedamon-mbp:wedamon {~} sudo /opt/local/bin/port
MacPorts 1.600
Entering interactive mode... ("help" for help, "quit" to quit)
[Users/wedamon] > install ntfs-3g
--->  Fetching ntfs-3g
--->  Attempting to fetch ntfs-3g-1.2412.tgz from http://www.ntfs-3g.org/
--->  Attempting to fetch ntfs-3g-1.2412.tgz from
--->  Attempting to fetch ntfs-3g-1.2412.tgz from
--->  Attempting to fetch ntfs-3g-1.2412.tgz from
Error: Target org.macports.fetch returned: fetch failed
Error: Status 1 encountered during processing.

What's the trick to getting this package downloaded/installed?

Many thanks,

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