Best way to install PHP ImageMagick wrapper?

Michael J. I. Jackson mjijackson at
Sat Aug 16 22:16:25 PDT 2008

For anyone who comes after me, the process was not really that  
difficult. Here's what I did (after installing the php5 and  
imagemagick ports normally):

- installed PEAR (used go-pear). This could easily be done via the  
+pear php5 variant, but I like to keep my PEAR packages separate from  
the rest of my ports so I don't have to wipe them if I choose to wipe  
everything else. The only reason you need to perform this step is that  
you need pecl.
- $ pecl config-set php_ini /opt/local/etc/php.ini
- $ sudo pecl install imagick

Then, during the imagick install, you'll be asked where ImageMagick is  
installed on your machine. Just use /opt/local and you should be good  
to go.

On Aug 15, 2008, at 11:19 PM, Michael J. I. Jackson wrote:

> I'm looking for the best way to install the imagick (PECL package)  
> PHP wrapper for ImageMagick on a MacPorts PHP install. Since there  
> is currently no port for the package, I'm assuming the best way to  
> do this would be to install PHP with the pear variant, therefore  
> installing the pecl package manager as well. Then, I could use PECL  
> to install imagick.
> Is there someone on this list who has had experience with this or  
> can offer any advice?

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