Tk Aqua variant gone?

Markus Weissmann mww at
Mon Aug 18 04:37:30 PDT 2008

On 17 Aug 2008, at 23:34, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> On Aug 16, 2008, at 13:09, Denis Bueno wrote:
>> I used (and loved) the Tk aqua variant until very recently, when I
>> upgraded to Tk 8.5.  I have scoured the mailing list and the bug
>> tracker, but I can't find any reference to why the variant is gone.
>> Perhaps it was superseded somewhere?  Has it been moved to a  
>> different
>> port?
> The aqua variant was apparently removed from the tk port when it was  
> updated from 8.4.16 to 8.5.0. A new quartz variant was added which  
> contains the same --enable-aqua configure argument that the aqua  
> variant had, but the quartz variant was commented out, meaning it  
> cannot be used. The quartz variant remains commented out to this  
> day. Perhaps it doesn't work right.
> Markus, can you explain what the issues are here?

I suppose it didn't compile with '--enable-aqua' back then;
I just commited version 8.5.4 of tk and tcl and reintroduced the  
'quartz' variant which just compiled happily here on my 10.5/i386  



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