Error messages with Freetype and XFree86

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Feb 4 04:18:18 PST 2008

On Feb 4, 2008, at 05:34, Stefan Schwarzer wrote:

>>> MacPro, Leopard, latest version of MacPorts (downloaded  
>>> yesterday) and I'd say latest Xcode as well...
>> do you really want XFree86? I guess, you don't.
>> XFree86 is often only chosen because a more recent version of X11  
>> is not available.
>> Try to get the latest X11 from 
>> xquartz
>> You install this on top the existing Leopard-X11 and the X11-SDK  
>> from the Leopard Install DVD.
>> Clean everything up in MacPorts and try to compile again. If the  
>> "right" X11 is availble, MacPorts won't bother with XFree86.
>> At least this is the case, when I install Scribus: Scribus  
>> nominally also depends on XFree86,
>> but if a fresher X11 is around, it goes with this instead.
> Thanks for the hints. But it seems that GD2 needs XFree86. At  
> least, after having followed your instructions, it still looks for  
> XFree86...
> Any idea why this would be? Or why it doesn't succeed to compile  
> properly?
> Thanks for any hints!
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> __________________________
> gridmac7:mapserver-5.0.2 schwarzer$ sudo port install gd2
> --->  Building XFree86 with target World


Actually, MacPorts does not look whether the Apple version of X11 is  
newer than the MacPorts version. Rather, it just looks if the Apple  
version of X11 is present and complete and usable. If so, it does not  
install XFree86.

If XFree86 is being installed, MacPorts must think you are missing  
some part of Apple X11. Make sure you have installed both X11User  
(part of Mac OS X) and X11SDK (part of Xcode). Note that X11User must  
be installed first before you can install X11SDK.

I'm not sure if these instructions are up-to-date for Leopard, but  
have a look:

Please let us know if the guide is incomplete on this topic so we can  
revise it. If necessary, see also these older instructions: 

Let us know if anything there helped you which was missing from the  
guide; the wiki page should ultimately be retired in favor of the guide.

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