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Eric Soli eric_soli at yahoo.com
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Hi Paul
  I tried the instructions in the distrbution, but the 'make' command failed. I'll be poring over this: http://www.cs.utah.edu/dept/old/texinfo/make/make_toc.html  & the man pages for a while.
  Does pear run well from /opt/local? I am trying to build a *AMP stack. (DAMP for Darwin?) It just looks like less re-configuring if it runs from the same directory as php.

paul beard <paulbeard at gmail.com> wrote:

  On Feb 10, 2008 8:39 PM, Eric Soli <eric_soli at yahoo.com> wrote:
  I am attempting to install pear-base into /usr/bin
instead of /opt/local/bin. My best understanding from
the man page is that I should use:

bash$ sudo port -D /usr/bin install pear-base

but it still ends up in /opt/local. Is there a way
plant this pear tree next to /usr/bin/php?


You don't say why you want to do this or why the source tarball/distribution doesn't work for you. It looks, from reading the INSTALL file, that it is best installed by and within the php process.   

  make sure you have enabled default extensions, and if you want faster
  downloads, enable the zlib extension.  You must also enable the CLI
  SAPI with the --enable-cli extension directive.  After this, simply run:
  make install-pear
  and PEAR will be automatically configured for you.
  For users who cannot perform the above steps, or who wish to obtain the
  latest PEAR with a slightly higher risk of failure, use go-pear.  go-pear
  is obtained by downloading http://go-pear.org and saving it as go-pear.php.
  After downloading, simply run "php go-pear.php" or open it in a web browser
  (windows only) to download and install PEAR.

  Seems like you could use the system php to perform the second operation. 
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