gimp bug? or?

Michael Hernandez sequethin at
Wed Feb 20 13:08:12 PST 2008

I have the latest gimp compiled from macports, on my leopard system  
(macbook pro, 15"). It works fine but it gets buggy when I try to save- 
as a file twice. For example, if I open "huge-image.jpg" and resize it  
by half and save as "not-as-huge.jpg" and then try to save as "not-as- 
huge2.jpg", the save as dialog has no buttons or text. If I select all  
and paste as a new image I can save that just fine. I'm not sure if  
the bug is with gimp (this doesn't happen with gimp on linux, I can  
testify to that much), or gtk2 or x11 or what? Anyone have this issue?

Again to reproduce this just to try run "save as" more than once on an  


--Mike H

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