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Peter Hindrichs pth at
Sun Feb 24 17:28:34 PST 2008

Thanks for the info, and I shall use the reply all from now on, sorry  
about that.


On 24-Feb-08, at 8:24 PM, Rainer Müller wrote:

> Peter Hindrichs wrote:
>> Ok thanks for that, I am all for the safer and easier solution.
>> However for my edification I would like to understand what I am  
>> doing  here.
>> This is what I have when I look at my path:
>> Freedom:~ peterhin$ $PATH
>> -bash: /opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/ 
>> sbin:/ usr/local/bin:/usr/X11/bin: No such file or directory
>> I believe from one of the earlier posts that only the first  /opt/  
>> local/bin:  is looked at, is this correct.?
> Yes, it's correct for the things you type in. /opt/local is searched  
> first, then the other paths from the list.
> But I assume, currently your terminal application runs your login  
> shell. The login shell itself is stored at another location with  
> it's full path. In many UNIX like systems, this is in /etc/passwd  
> but for Mac OS X the users are administrated by a daemon called  
> DirectoryService. The information can be queried and changed by  
> dscl. chsh may have been patched to access it, I don't know.
> So by default, your login shell is /bin/bash with this path and no  
> other. PATH will not be used at all.
> Rainer
> PS: Please always hit `Reply All' in your mail program instead of  
> `Reply' so your mail also goes to the mailing list and not only to  
> one person.

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