New PortMgr team announced!

James Berry jberry at
Tue Oct 14 06:39:12 PDT 2008

The (current) PortMgr team is pleased to be able to announce the  
appointment of a new PortMgr team.

Four people expressed interest in the PortMgr positions, and have all  
been appointed by proclamation:

	Ryan Schmidt
	Rainer Müller
	Joshua Root
	Bryan Blackburn

We, the (previous) members of the PortMgr team, will do all we can to  
assist in a transition to the new members. As previously discussed, we  
will move to a group (loosely and temporarily named the "MacPorts  
Council of Elders") which serves as an advisory board to the project.

Please welcome Ryan, Rainer, Joshua, and Bryan, and direct further  
questions at them ;)

Sincerely, the past portmgr members,

Juan, Markus, James

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