transcode 1.1.0 beta1 portfile with quicktime and lzo

David Liontooth liontooth at
Tue Sep 2 13:54:18 PDT 2008

Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> Thanks for the update, David. I put your new Portfile into the 
> repository in r39706.
> Yes, you should submit Portfile changes attached to tickets in the 
> issue tracker in the future. Pasting submissions into an email is not 
> optimal as email transport can sometimes add whitespace or rewrap 
> lines, plus emails can easily get forgotten. At least in the issue 
> tracker, they can be searched for and found.
I used an attachment, but sure.
> It's also best to submit changes as unified diffs, not as full 
> Portfiles. That way it's easier for both you and the committer to see 
> what you're changing. In the case of this port, you inadvertently 
> removed a crucial closing curly bracket in the imagemagick variant. I 
> fixed this before committing.
Thanks! What's the diff command you use?
> I also dropped the "revision 1" line, since the initial revision of 
> any given version of a port should be 0, not 1, and 0 is the default.
Sorry, I should have caught this.
> You added pkgconfig as a library dependency (as was given in ticket 
> #15547), but pkgconfig does not provide any libraries; it's only a 
> program used at build time to find dependencies. Thus pkgconfig is 
> properly a build dependency, not a library dependency.
> I cannot explain the difficulty of the developer of transcode in 
> fixing the software to link with ImageMagick since the name change of 
> its core library. transcode's configure script does not need code to 
> test for both the old name and the new name; all it needs to do is to 
> use pkgconfig or Magick-config to discover the library's correct name, 
> as I explained earlier:
I've passed this on.
> May I also enable the port's parallel build, as requested earlier?
I did respond to this. I haven't tested it yet -- transcode builds fast 
anyway -- but sure, let's do it.

Transcode builds and works great on both Intel and PPC under Leopard. I 
have an OSX Tiger Server where transcode again has started to fail to 
exit -- it completes the job, but then just sits there. Chuck Remes 
fixed this behavior way back; it used to happen all the time.

Quicktime integration also works great; I'm using it to rip frames from 
mp4 files created on Linux and OSX; the files stream on Adobe's flash 

I very much appreciate all your good work keeping this and other ports 
up and running.


> On Aug 30, 2008, at 12:30 AM, David Liontooth wrote:
>> Transcode 1.1.0 beta1 builds successfully with lzo2 and quicktime, 
>> the latter adding among other things the mov import module, which 
>> enables transcode to process mp4 files.
>> I still haven't found an elegant solution to transcode's inability to 
>> locate the renamed ImageMagick libraries; upstream is looking at 
>> config.log of the latest failure. In the meantime, adding a symlink 
>> works:
>> cd /opt/local/lib
>> ln -s libMagickCore.1.dylib libMagick.dylib
>> Chuck Remes has signaled he is no longer available as co-maintaner of 
>> this port; he made all the essential contributions to get the port 
>> off the ground.
>> I enclose an updated portfile; let me know if I should be using trac 
>> for this.
>> Dave

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