Any suggestions?

Joshua Root jmr at
Mon Sep 15 09:34:34 PDT 2008

Fra Daniele di Gesù ocd wrote:
> J. M. † J. T.
> Sorry for my simple english and my too short experience using Unix. I
> appreciated so much your work for installing yaz via Macports.
> Evrerything was ok till when the configure started. Here is what
> happened. What should I do?
> fradaniele:~ fradaniele$ sudo port install yaz
> --->  Configuring yaz
> checking for GNU TLS... None
> configure: error: GNU TLS development libraries missing

Do you have gnutls installed and active? It should automatically be
installed since yaz depends on it, but maybe it failed to be activated
for some reason. If you run 'port installed gnutls' you should see this

The following ports are currently installed:
  gnutls @2.4.1_0 (active)

I have added the MacPorts Users mailing list to Cc, so that others who
might have the same problem can benefit from this discussion.

- Josh

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