Installing without root privileges: what about /Applications/MacPorts?

Michael Williams williams at
Tue Sep 16 07:39:08 PDT 2008

On 12 Sep 2008, at 22:07, Bryan Blackburn wrote:
>> Is there any way to change this directory to, say, ~/Applications/
>> MacPorts or is it hard-coded?
> Which source-based install are you using?  Running off trunk allows  
> you to
> change the location of the Applications and Frameworks install  
> locations by
> editing etc/macports/macports.conf and setting:
> applications_dir    /path/to/Applications
> frameworks_dir      /path/to/Library/Frameworks
> If you're running from 1.6 source, then you can't do this...Also  
> note that
> the GSoC stuff you were looking into is on its own branch still, not  
> on the
> trunk.

Forgive my ignorance, but if I installed from 1.6 source and then ran  
"port -v selfupdate" am I still running from 1.6 or am I on trunk?

How does the --with-applications-dir ./configure option that Ryan  
mentions interest with this macports.conf option? Do I need both?

-- Mike

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