Creating source packages?

Rainer Müller raimue at
Wed Sep 24 07:50:32 PDT 2008

Jay Levitt wrote:
> Ah! Thanks.  I think that is what I'm looking for.  (I don't want to build 
> them on my machine, because there are times he'll want to use different 
> variants, especially as our configs diverge; he has a Core Duo, so he won't 
> be able to move to Snow Leopard.)

It should be enough to have a recent set of Portfiles and the according

The default sync method over rsync should already minimize bandwidth
usage and should work over ISDN just fine.

Alternatively, there is a daily tarball [1] generated on the MacPorts
mirror which you can just send him on a regular basis. But it is really
not that big, about 5 MB.

For the distfiles, just copy the files from
/opt/local/var/macports/distfiles and send them to him. He should just
store them at the same location and everything should work without any
downloads required.

But note that newer Portfiles may also require new distfiles, as they
provide newer versions of the software. So the best would be to keep a
matching set of both in order to avoid problems for him.



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