Jon Crump jjcrump at
Mon Apr 6 16:08:15 PDT 2009

On Tue, 7 Apr 2009, Rainer M?ller wrote
>> It took me some time to learn to live with separate installations of
>> python, am I going to have to do something similar with apache? If so, any
>> advice on how to avoid conflicts between the stock OSX apache and the
>> macports installation?
> Disable the builtin apache server in the System Preferences and use
> MacPorts instead. What other kind of conflicts do you expect? :-)

Thanks for responding. I'm wondering

1. if the macports installation will create a new Sites directory where my 
existing pages will have to be moved, or will my web directory be able to 
remain in the same location.

2. if my existing PHP 5.2.6 will have to be removed (and how would I do 
that anyway) and the ports version installed instead?

3. After disabling the builtin apache server in the System Preferences, 
do I enable the new version installed by macports? Will I still be able to 
use the Sharing prefs pane for this?

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