Devhelp does not work

David Evans devans at
Sun Apr 19 13:03:15 PDT 2009

David Trem wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm running into trouble with devhelp.
> It returns the following error when trying to run it either froom 
> glade3 or the commande line:
> (devhelp:98244): Devhelp-CRITICAL **: 
> bacon_message_connection_get_is_server: assertion `conn != NULL' failed
> (devhelp:98244): Devhelp-CRITICAL **: bacon_message_connection_send: 
> assertion `conn != NULL' failed
> I'm on MacBook OSX 10.5.6 (Intel)
> MacPorts 1.710
> Fresh "upgrade outdated" done


I can't reproduce this on 10.4.11 ppc with devhelp @0.22_0.  Works fine 
for me with both from glade-3 and the command line.

However, I'm looking further to see where this message is coming from.

In addition, am working on updating to 0.23 although there are some 
build problems with latest webkit-gtk.

Suggest you open ticket on trac about this.


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