Python 2.6.1 i386+x86_64 doesn't work with command arch?

Luc Bourhis luc_j_bourhis at
Mon Apr 20 02:13:34 PDT 2009


I installed a universal i386 + x86_64 Python 2.6.1 as follow. Here is  
the relevant part of my macports.conf:

# Options for Universal Binaries (+universal variant)

universal_target	10.5

# the SDK "sysroot" to use
universal_sysroot	/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.5.sdk

# machine architectures
universal_archs	i386 x86_64

and my variants.conf features "+universal".

On my MacPro, the following
	python -c 'import sys; print sys.maxint'
prints 9223372036854775807, proving that it ran in 64-bit mode. But then
	arch -i386 python -c 'import sys; print sys.maxint'
prints the same number whereas the first command without arch run on  
my first gen MacBook Pro (32-bit) prints 2147483647, proving that it  
correctly runs in 32-bit mode. I compiled an universal snippet

#include <limits>
#include <iostream>

int main() {
  std::cout << std::numeric_limits<long>::max() << "\n";
  return 0;

It prints 9223372036854775807 and 2147483647 with and without arch - 
i386 respectively. So arch is not broken.

So clearly, arch does not manage to correctly run that python  
installed by MacPorts.

Would anybody have any insight into that issue?

Thanks in advance,

Luc Bourhis

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