problem installing doxygen on 10.5.6

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Wed Apr 22 10:54:49 PDT 2009

On Apr 22, 2009, at 07:41, Joshua Root wrote:

>>> "port installed" gives
>>>   libiconv @1.12_0+darwin_8 (active)
>> Ok, so libiconv is installed, and is not universal.
>> But you don't have the current version. You have 1.12_0, and the  
>> bug was
>> fixed in 1.12_2. Update your MacPorts and your port definitions, then
>> upgrade libiconv and anything else that's outdated.
> It's not good that you have a darwin_8 variant selected on Leopard
> (which is darwin 9). This is likely a result of upgrading from  
> Tiger or
> migrating from an older machine which was running Tiger.

Oops, I missed that part. Joshua is absolutely right here.

> You should first install MacPorts again from the current (1.7.1)  
> Leopard
> dmg, to make sure you have the right version for your OS. Then you  
> need
> to rebuild your ports with the right platform variants. It's safest to
> start fresh when you change OS versions, by recording the ports you  
> have
> installed, uninstalling them all, and installing them again.

Yes, unfortunately, that's the safest option we have for major OS  
upgrades right now.

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