gnome-menus v kde4

David Evans devans at
Mon Apr 27 12:27:51 PDT 2009

I've been working through the gnome dependency tree from the bottom up 
upgrading to 2.26 which is way over due.  However, I think on going
maintainership of gnome is more than a one man task.  So I'm willing to 
be a co-maintainer if others will also participate. 

With regard to QA, a major problem with MacPorts is the lack of a 
separate port tree for ports under test.  With something as far reaching
as gnome or kde, when a major revision occurs, it would be better to 
work out all the kinks for the suite of ports in such a testing environment
without inflicting it on the MacPorts user community at large.  Then, 
the next step would be to establish a testing protocol and recruiting
a group of testers who are willing to work with less than perfect ports. 

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