X11 problem?

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Sun Feb 8 15:14:37 PST 2009

Robert Campbell wrote:
> Just to kick things off, I built xv (had to build subversion first). 
> Now it appears to be installing Xorg in its entirety (do I really need
> Xinerama?  kinda doubtful).
> Is this the expected behavior now, or did the new installation miss the
> Apple X11 already installed?  Could it have been a path thing?  Was
> there a placeholder I needed to "install" to tell macports I already had
> X11?

Yes, this is expected behaviour. X had historically been an exception to
the "MacPorts uses its own stuff" rule, for various reasons. Those
reasons no longer apply, so the exception is gone.

If you really want the old behaviour back, you can use the +system_x11
variant (best to add it to variants.conf).

- Josh

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