X11 problem?

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Sun Feb 8 16:42:29 PST 2009

Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Feb 8, 2009, at 17:14, Joshua Root wrote:
>> Robert Campbell wrote:
>>> Just to kick things off, I built xv (had to build subversion first).
>>> Now it appears to be installing Xorg in its entirety (do I really need
>>> Xinerama?  kinda doubtful).
>>> Is this the expected behavior now, or did the new installation miss the
>>> Apple X11 already installed?  Could it have been a path thing?  Was
>>> there a placeholder I needed to "install" to tell macports I already had
>>> X11?
>> Yes, this is expected behaviour. X had historically been an exception to
>> the "MacPorts uses its own stuff" rule, for various reasons. Those
>> reasons no longer apply, so the exception is gone.
> Maybe we need to update parts of the guide with this new information.
> Does one still need to have Apple's X11User and X11SDK installed now?

You shouldn't need X11SDK, but you need X11User unless you install
xorg-server, since the X server is not included as a dependency for the
vast majority of things.

- Josh

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