PHP Trouble with XML Parsing

Peter Oakley peteo at
Tue Feb 10 21:50:13 PST 2009

Hey everybody, here's a puzzle...

I am a Macintosh user, using MacPorts to install the most up-to-date  
PHP5 and various other related libraries on a Mac OS X web server. I  
have encountered a problem with PHP commands related to parsing XML  
data ( xml_parse_into_struct() and others). These commands, which  
worked in an older version of PHP with outdated expat and libxml  
libraries, are now causing my web server to exit processing and  
report a segmentation fault. Various bug reports I have read seemed  
to indicate the problem was with libxml2 v 2.7.2. Here are two links  
for your reference:

That first link also reports that this bug was fixed with v2.7.3 of  
libxml2. That version of libxml2 just became available in MacPorts  
within the past day or so. Earlier today I installed it, reinstalled  
PHP5, and my phpinfo() indicates it's now using the new libxml2  
v2.7.3. But my XML parsing still fails. (Specifically what happens is  
that the httpd pid dies. Example from my apache error file: "[notice]  
child pid 350 exit signal Bus error (10)".) Is anyone else having  
this same trouble with PHP? Any ideas what might be causing this?

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