manual changes in /opt/local

David Epstein David.Epstein at
Tue Feb 17 04:55:56 PST 2009

I learned from a bad experience that manual changes to files in /opt/local
are a bad idea. For one thing, new versions of ports are quite likely to
overwrite such changes. It was worse for me: the whole MacPorts arrangement
stopped working.

updmap is a command that comes with the teTex package. (Side question: how
would I be able to find this out if I recalled only "updmap" and not "teTex?
Another side question: is there a way of finding out which commands the
package teTex will install in /opt/local/bin, without actually installing
it?) To get back to my main question: "man updmap" says "updmap  reads a
configuration file, updmap.cfg(5)" and I'm assuming updmap.cfg is supposed
to be edited by hand---it's a text file.

Problem 1: editing by hand a file in /opt/local. Is this wise? Is there any
alternative? Will the file be overwritten by a later port?
Prolem 2: % slocate updmap.cfg

so there are two files updmap.cfg files. How do I know which one to edit? Or
should I be editing yet another copy?

There are a couple of other configuration files in /opt/local that I have
edited by hand. I have also done something I don't quite remember about
getting some daily maintenance program or perhaps daily updating of some
database to work.

So what about the overwriting problem?
I would like to know what other MacPorts users do.
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